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About Our Enhanced Cleaning

We pay special attention to the cleaning of our properties. First of all we hire a professional cleaning service for all our cleaning needs. The company is called Custom Maids ((727) 502-0500). We have used them for 6 years now. They have been in business for 17 years. They are very responsive, thorough and friendly. Many of our guests call them when they need a cleaning after a few weeks go by or before they have company. Custom Maids will work around your schedule. They are very familiar with all my properties and you do not even need to be there when they come. Imagine going to lunch and coming back to a clean house!

Second, we follow the newly published guide lines from Airbnb as well as the Florida Governor’s Guidelines. Our goal is to ensure our properties are as germ free as possible and our guests are safe. Read what they suggest:



  • Allow 72 hours between bookings. Ventilate rooms before cleaning. Allow fresh air to circulate for at least 20 minutes before cleaning.
  • Use the right disinfectant registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and cleaning solutions with diluted household bleach or with 70% alcohol. Pay special attention to frequently touched surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, remote controls and faucet handles.
  • Use detergent or soap and water to remove dirt, grease, dust and germs. Once the surface is clean, spray with a disinfectant. Let it stand for a few minutes. Then wipe. Use disposable wipes or new cleaning cloths for each guest. To give our places a fragrant, clean, healthy smell we ask Custom Maids to use eucalyptus scent on the final mop of the floor. Eucalyptus has many health benefits. It has strong antimicrobial properties and stimulates the immune system. You’ll love the smell, too.
Dog Friendly Rentals in St Petersburg

About Us

At Porch Swing Boutique Home Rentals we put a porch swing on every porch. Porch swings were popular in the 1920’s when our bungalows were built. Big front porches with porch swings . . . those were the days when neighbors socialized. Plus, nothing says relaxation more than a porch swing.

Our unique homes are in the historic Old Northeast area of St. Petersburg, Florida. Many are right downtown. Walk to the waterfront, parks, shops and restaurants.
 Four of the properties have their own garages. Little Pearl has plenty of parking on Beach Drive. All have washers/dryers and modern conveniences.

Our homes are selected for their charm and authenticity. With old fashioned front porches, each bungalow is branded by our signature porch swing and a yard billowing with tropical flowers. We brand our homes with custom plaques.

In our furnished bungalows we provide cable, wi-fi and pay all utility bills. Linen and kitchen packages are also included. 
 Porch Swing Boutique Home Rentals has been restoring vintage bungalows for years and has exceptional experience in preserving their charm and character.

Three of our homes have had the honor of being on the St. Petersburg Annual Candlelight Tour of Homes. This magical event has been held every year for the past 22 years. Seven to eight unique homes in the historic Old Northeast area are selected. As many as 1,300 guests tour the homes on a Sunday afternoon in December, a few weeks prior to Christmas. Catherine's Cottage, The Winnie Belle and the owner's own home have been on the tour in past years. As a thank-you, the homeowner is given an original painting of the house. The one shown below is of the Winnie Belle which was on the tour in 2019. It is now proudly displayed in the living room of that home.

Our rental homes can make amazing second homes because everything is provided. We care for them when you are not there and we have them waiting for you when you return.

Enjoy hassle free living and live in a place you love.

Member HONNA (Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association)

Member of St. Petersburg Preservation

Member of Chamber of Commerce

Catherine's Cottage participated in the 2016 Candlelight Tour of Homes as a show house

Owner's home participated in the 2017 Candlelight Tour of Homes as a show house

The Winnie Belle participated in the 2019 Candlelight Tour of Homes as a show house

About the Ownerann rental agent

Hello there traveler!

I personally invite you to visit St. Petersburg . . . a city like no other!

Once a native from Annapolis, Maryland, I moved to St. Petersburg fifteen years ago. I love the weather, the water, the people and the city. And I love GREEN foliage year around!

I rent quality 1920 bungalows right in town, delightfully decorate them and take special care in maintaining them for my guests.

Are you seeking a warm, sunny climate . . . to live or to vacation? Have you already thought about moving to St. Petersburg, but want to try it first?

Are you often on extended stay business trips, staying in lackluster hotels? Are you rehabbing a current home and need a temporary, but nice place to stay?

Do you just want a second home that is always there for you when you need to relax and get away?

If this fits you . . . then let’s talk.

When you rent with us, we worry about upkeep and home ownership issues. 
No hassles or headaches for you. I look forward to making St. Petersburg your second home.

Preview our current rental collection to see what fits you.

Dog Friendly Rentals in St Petersburg
Boutique Home Rental Plaque
Tricolor porch swings (above) and porch swing plaques are part of the branding that makes us unique.

Artist Robert Holmes presents a painting of the Winnie Belle to the owner.